Letter to the Editor

Dec 052009
Authors: Sean Bucher

Why lack of coverage?

With the football season over, thank God, I happened to stumble across some interesting news that was not reported to our student body last semester. According to reporting from several student newspapers and a statement from the Fair Labor Association, Russell athletics shut down a factory in Honduras when the factory workers tried to unionize.

Seeing as our school is one of the company’s contracted partners, how was this not brought to our attention? Many schools including Rutgers, Harvard and Cornell all dropped their contracts with Russell.

I came across a student-led Facebook group that urges CSU to drop the contract with Russell in order to attract better recruits, which makes a lot of sense. Russell is under investigation by the Fair Labor Association.

As a student body, lets make a responsible business decision and push for a socially responsible company. Under Armor, Adidas or Nike, we would draw more attention. Look at the recent jersey program done by Nike called Pro Combat, which includes schools like Florida, Ohio State and our conference rival TCU.

We have a new practice facility and are trying to upgrade our program; let’s upgrade the apparel that drives our athletes too.

Sean Bucher


sociology major

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