Letter to the Editor

Dec 052009
Authors: Doug Holland

It takes courage

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet has earned praise for the stand he took on health care, stating that he would fight to ensure every American has access to health care, even if it costs him his senate seat.

That takes a tremendous amount of courage, which others could learn from. Unfortunately, our congresswoman, Betsy Markey, has failed to muster a fraction of such courage, voting against health care reform at the barest sign of right-wing anger.

The ironic thing is that running to the right in this situation may be helpful, but only for Republicans. Maybe Markey succeeded in defusing some the anger of the right-wing extremists in the district, but when Election Day comes, they’re still going to vote Republican.

By abandoning democratic principles, Markey turned her back on her own base. Her supporters may not be there in 2010 with the same enthusiasm they had last year. Markey needs to understand that in order to truly succeed in a district as tough as Colorado’s fourth, she needs to educate and sell the voters on Democratic policies and values, rather than pretending to be a Republican.

If she runs to the right, she’ll find herself getting out-Republicaned by her opponent. That strategy is fundamentally self-defeating. Markey should follow the lead of Senator Bennet and of Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), who has taken a lead role in health care and Wall Street reform efforts.

Grayson himself is in a tough district, but he’s going to have a much easier time winning re-election than Markey.

Doug Holland

Fort Collins resident

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