Dec 052009
Authors: Aaron Hedge

CSU’s sole health insurance contractor will hold a forum tonight for graduate students to discuss its policies, which are largely mandated by university rules that have garnered controversy from many constituents who say there should be better health care options.

Paul Mayo, the CEO of Summit America, and a number of CSU officials will address the broad graduate student community regarding the university rules at 5:30 p.m. in the Grey Rock Room in the Lory Student Center.

CSU is the only university in the state to require its graduate students to obtain a health care plan after Colorado relaxed restrictions on universities, which formerly could not mandate student health insurance, in 2008.

Many graduate students say the university rules allow current and incoming students little flexibility in tailoring a policy that fits their lifestyle and income.

The university loosened some of the rules earlier this semester to allow students to sign an insurance waiver if they meet certain criteria, including:

Possession of an existing policy that the student wishes to keep after graduating,

Having a pre-existing condition that would make finding insurance after leaving CSU difficult, or

Having an overall policy that meets most program mandates, even if it does not meet some, such as coverage for mental and nervous disorders, alcohol and substance abuse or pregnancy.

Steve Blom, the executive director of the CSU Health Network, which oversees health services and directs programs for student wellness, will join Mayo, according to an e-mail sent to the graduate student community from Seth Anthony, the president of the Graduate Student Council and a Collegian columnist.

Staff writer Meagan Templeton-Lynch contributed to this report.

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