Dec 042009
Authors: Abel Oshevire

A student organization on campus that aims to increase awareness of global, political and cultural issues will protest over Thanksgiving break at an educational institute in Georgia that has been accused of training Latin-American students for brutal combat warfare in South American countries.

Organizers with Fair Advocates for Cultural Truths will join with similar national organizations picketing with signs outside the school all week.

CSU students interested in joining the effort can sign up until the group leaves on Thursday at 8 p.m. after a fundraiser at Lucky Joes, said Krista Martinez, who is one of the trip organizers.

FACT is charging a $200 participation fee, which will cover meals.

The School of Americas, which was renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation in 2001 after decades of outcry against the school’s harsh educational tactics that some have called “torture,” serves as a training school on U.S. soil for Latin American soldiers and police.

Martinez said the school is notorious for these practices, but that it has not admitted to them.

“But then again, when do such leaders ever take responsibility for these kinds of actions without coating the issues with the words liberty and justice and democracy?” she added.

Students looking to sign up for the trip should contact Krista Martinez at 970-596-4179 or

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