Dec 042009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

OK, OK, so all most of us could think about this week was kickin’ it on the couch with a drumstick in one hand and a beer in the other.

Next Thursday we’ll flip on the tube, see some giant balloons float down 5th Avenue, watch the Cowboys and the Lions knock heads on the gridiron and mingle with relatives with whom you rarely speak.

But despite the sordid, and often skewed, history behind Thanksgiving, the spirit of the holiday is to give thanks for all things we take for granted on a day-to-day basis.

So in that vein, we at the Collegian would like to give our thanks.

Editor-in-Chief Virginia Singarayar: I am thankful for my family and friends, my wonderful boyfriend, the Collegian and my amazing staff, the Denver Broncos, my day-and-a-half weekends, snowboarding and all 10 seasons of “Friends.”

News Managing Editor Madeline Novey: More than anything, I am thankful for my tremendous family, friends and my co-workers, without whom I would go insane and lose my sense of direction.

News Editor Jim Sojourner: I’m thankful for God giving me a whole week to celebrate the success of the White Man’s civilizing mission in North America that began at Plymouth Plantation a few centuries ago. And for my wonderful family who puts up with my ridiculous rants and loves me in spite of my blasphemies.

Development Editor Aaron Hedge: I’m thankful to be on the other side of the notepad from Colorado’s elected officials and CSU’s administrative leadership because they have an incredibly difficult job ensuring our education. And for the most part, they do a fantastic job. Kudos, and thanks.

Editorials Editor Ian Bezek: I’m thankful for Persian rugs, Canada, green olives, ska music, Peyton Manning, bicycles, Garfield, Ron Paul, blue pens, the Rocky Mountains and Sarah Palin’s new book.

Entertainment Editor Johnny Hart: Two years ago, I had my tonsils out during Thanksgiving Break. So I am thankful for each and every Thanksgiving that I can swallow solid foods. But in all seriousness, I thank my friends and family for putting up with my daily shenanigans.

Sports Editor Matt L. Stephens: I’m thankful for going back to Oklahoma to get the ball rolling on my back surgery. I’m also thankful to see the group of people that mean the most to me: my family. I hope meeting the extended members next week won’t leave my girlfriend Jessica wanting nothing to do with me …

Design Editor Heidi Reitmeier: I’m thankful for RamTalk and the awkwardness it brings me in class when I laugh out loud; cute, cuddly things that make me feel like I’m 5 years old again; naps; electricity; the ’40s; Victoria’s Secret; Mona Lisa’s smile; and colors, or else it would be a pretty boring Earth.

Assistant Design Editor Alexandra Sieh: After a year when so many things were uncertain, I’m thankful for those who were there for me: my loving and supportive family, my beautiful roommates and our crazy adventures, and my co-workers who, despite the jokes and late nights, are some of my best friends who I care so much about.

Also, the entire Board would like to give thanks for the glory and wonder that is Tony Frank’s luscious beard. Happy Thanksgiving.

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