The drug war is bad, mmmk

Nov 302009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The government is looking to do something good for once: Loosen the reigns on its evil, long-standing war on drugs.

According to an Associated Press story filed Sunday, U.S. officials have been talking about ramping up drug treatment programs and decreasing the potency of the country’s incarceration practices — a move that studies show would cost far less taxpayer money than the current drug war model.

The AP story said new top-level appointees in President Barack Obama’s administration have indicated that the new leadership is planning to reduce the far-reaching effects the federal government has on the industry and move to a more reactive model.

Aside from fostering a more economically feasible program, an initiative to revamp the American philosophy in governing citizens’ drug habits would mirror the better model of more democratic European countries where it has been proven that government control on drugs is imprudent.

On a fundamental level, American political philosophy is based on personal freedoms — a concept the right wing, which is largely responsible for the drug war, has pretended to champion over the last three decades.

But the war on drugs is a prime example of American politicians backsliding against that philosophy.

The discussions to weaken the government’s efforts against the drug industry could lead to many social and financial benefits for the United States, including having to spend fewer taxpayer dollars on incarceration and implementing a much healthier system of trying to correct the problem that has so many peoples’ lives in shambles.

So applause and a tip of the hat are due for Obama the administration.

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