Nov 042009
Authors: Ian Mahan

Sounds Like: Mayday Parade, Motion City Soundtrack

Release Date: Nov. 3, 2009

“I hate everyone,” sarcastically claims Say Anything vocalist Max Bemis in the chorus of “Hate Everyone,” for the band’s return this week with a new self-titled album. The song is a pop-punk anthem of satirical confusion and the first single released off the album.

The album supports a different sound from previous Say Anything releases, such as “In Defense of The Genre,” and melodically it does seem to be the most put together album from the band.

An adorable synth-pop driven track, “Crush’d” depicts Bemis vulnerably defining his idea of falling in love from the time when he was a child. Though presented with the harshness of a typical song by Bemis, the track adds a bit of sentiment throughout the chorus: “I have a total crush on you, baby/ If only I could let you know.”

“She Won’t Follow You” continues with Say Anything’s talent and habit of adding dirty little tidbits into their songs with Bemis coyly suggesting, “Meet me in the backroom.”

However, listeners will find an awkward moment or two throughout the album as the lyrics have a hard time keeping up with the instrumental intricacy of many of the tracks. This struggle causes Bemis to resort to the clichés in his lyrics. For instance on “Crush’d” Bemis asks, “Did it hurt/ Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

But adoration of the struggle Bemis has throughout the album could potentially be Say Anything’s greatest contribution to the genre.

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