Nov 032009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

I found some condoms and wrappers in the bushes by the Morgan Library. Now I know why people study so late.

Not only is CSU cutting back, so is Panda Express. I didn’t even get a fortune in my cookie.

Dear fellow college students, please stop walking by when I’m trying to smoke a bowl. You tend to make it difficult to finish it peacefully. Thanks, your stoned peers.

Anyone else having wet dreams about snowboarding?

Mint-flavored condoms seemed like a good idea at the time …

To the kid who tried to run from the police at Corbett: You missed the Corbett exit, the emergency exit and the Parmalee exit, only to run down a dead end row of tables. Smooth move.

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Nov 032009

To the girl loudly singing “Happy Birthday” to her friend in the library at midnight: All you did for your friend is make everyone in the library hate her. On her birthday. Good job.

What is the point of Pink apparel if nothing about it is pink?

People do stupid things when they are bored. My advice is never be bored while naked.

Liberal: so open minded that all of your brains have fallen out.

To all those who write comments to the RamTalk online: Your rant wasn’t good enough for the paper, just let it be …

So, guys typically buy big trucks and big guns to compensate for a small penis. By that same logic, do girls wear big sunglasses to compensate for their small breasts?

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