Yays and Nays

Nov 022009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to ‘All Saints Day.’ No, not the holiday, but the newest installment of the Boondock Saints story. Finally society has some true heroes: two drunk, gunslinging Irishmen.

Nay | to Halloween hangovers. Only on this holiest of drinking days can you see a Teletubbie puke over a balcony, then proceed to make out with a circus clown.

yay | to not Naying to the Rams football team because, quite frankly, they don’t deserve to take up any more of our Nay space.

nay | to the Broncos getting demolished by the Baltimore Ravens. But on the bright side, they’ll probably lose worse next week to the Steelers and the Colts after that and so on and so fourth.

yay | to one year removed from two significant presidential changes. This week marks the first anniversary of CSU President Larry Penley resigning and President Barack Obama winning the national election. But the best of all, this week marks the first year of the reign of Tony Frank’s beard.

Nay | to more higher education budget cuts in Colorado. If higher education funding was any more skimpy, it would look like a sorority girl on Halloween. Hi-oh!

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