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Authors: Kate Frasure

Last year, Nathan Fiedler was just another freshman among a vast CSU student body.

He was not a part of any student organization offered on campus. In fact, he could have left CSU and no one would have even known he had been here.

But, this communications studies major was not about to let the fate of being just another student on campus come true.

In an initiative to unify students, Fiedler has built a Web site, not unlike Harvard University’s Facebook, that he intends to foster a comprehensive digest for nearly everything CSU.

“I want to leave my mark on CSU,” Fiedler said, viewing the new program, which he calls RamLink, on his computer in the Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement office on a Thursday afternoon last month.

RamLink is a new program launched through the university to help students connect with and find their niche at CSU.

The site allows students to create online profiles to drive readership and membership to their organizations. Each group is then defined by a particular affiliation of interest.

CSU students can create their own profile and search the student organizations by their interests and depending on whether the group is open or closed, students can join right then and there.

The idea for the site came to Fiedler last year when he and his roommate where talking about the difficulties of getting involved in student organizations. Fiedler immediately began to think of a network that would connect students to groups around campus.

“I want to help students make an impact at CSU,” he said. “This is college, and that experience is not bound to the classroom.”

From that moment, Fiedler passed his idea through many people. Each person he spoke with guided him to another contact and encouraged him to continue to pursue the idea.

Finally, Fiedler linked up with Bobby Kunstman, the assistant director of SLiCE, at the end of his freshman year.

“It didn’t look like there would be funding,” Fiedler said, and so the idea was put to the side with little hope of ever becoming more than a thought.

He asked Fiedler if he would be interested in taking on the project, and with no hesitation, Fiedler took the job.

Today, the site launches as RamLink, a network that not only allows students to connect with groups but also keeps track of involvement through a co-curricular transcript that can easily be added to one’s resume.

RamLink has partnered with Campus Activities, Housing and Dining Services, student government, the Division of Student Affairs and Facebook. Simply by adding the RamLink application on Facebook, when a student joins a group, it automatically posts it to their wall.

“The site is built to promote involvement at CSU,” Fiedler said. “One term of involvement leads to another.”

Students can connect to the site by visiting and for any help with the site or creating a profile contact Nathan Fiedler at

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