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Authors: Lauren Leete

Robert Carter doesn’t believe in evolution. And he has scientific evidence to back up his belief.

Carter, head speaker and scientist for an organization called Creation Ministries International, posed this idea Saturday to validate the theory of intelligent design over evolution and claim the Bible’s historical accuracy using scientific evidence.

Supported by genetics and other scientific helms, Carter gave a three-part lecture to the Fort Collins community on Saturday morning at Summitview West Church called “What Darwin didn’t know,” “Dinosaurs and the Bible” and “Mitochondrial Eve from Noah.”

Carter said the goal of his speech was to prepare believers for a better conversation with unbelievers about God. He said people use the theory of evolution as an excuse to get out of arguments regarding Christianity.

“Our goal is to be able to answer (their questions),” Carter said.

During the first lecture, Carter discussed Darwin’s background, what Darwin claimed as truth and how modern science has axed most of his theories to date.

Darwin was mentored by the founders of geological principles, Adam Sedgewick and Charles Lyell. He sailed around South America to prove how natural, random processes can explain the existence of life.

“He did lots of observing, but he never did one experiment. That’s not the way science is supposed to work,” Carter said.

He observed wildlife and geological patterns. From there he concluded that all species are interconnected and each one evolved from the previous tracing back to one ancestor.

But, Carter said, in that time period scientists didn’t understand genetics, biology or geology like they do today.

Certain scientific processes were largely unknown to Darwin and included: The effects of massive storms on erosion rate, DNA, species, biochemical processes, proteins, plate tectonics, sedimentation, ice ages and spontaneous stratification.

“This is important because Darwin based his views of biology on his geology findings, and no one believes his geology now,” Carter said. “To him, a cell is an empty bag of salts, not the unbelievably complex cell we know today.”

Three major events in the Bible – creation, the flood and the tower of Babel – can be tested with modern science and considered a plausible reality, Carter said.

Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and other dictators used Darwin’s evolutionary thinking of the human race to justify their mass murders, he said.

When asked what he thought about the presentation, CSU biochemistry professor Aaron Sholders, a Christian, said he would like to see the source material Carter used for his talk to fully understand the controversy between creationism and evolution.

Carter said that, according to the story of “The Tower of Babel,” there is evidence to show that different populations of men around the world share “almost identical” Y-chromosomes.

“I have never heard of the genetic approach holistically,” Sholders said. “I need more information,” adding that he wants to know more of the research to support this concept.

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