Oct 292009
Authors: Louis Page

Saturday, Chipotle locations around the country will offer free burritos to anyone willing to wrap themselves in a suit of aluminum foil, and the most CSU-centric location will not be an exception.

John McNutt, the manager of the restaurant on College Avenue and Laurel Street, said during the annual event, his business gives an average of 1,857, or $13,000 worth, of burritos to Halloween enthusiasts in the bizarre costumes.

“Last year I saw someone in a full head-to-toe burrito costume,” McNutt said.

He said the line of employees are able to make around six burritos per minute, keeping the line moving fast and smooth.

According to the franchise’s Web site, the event helps Chipotle by getting its name out there.

Chipotle will offer the special from 6 to 10 p.m.

Some Chipotle restaurants hold up to five free-burrito days a year, which actually increases Chipotles overall sales, according to their Web site.

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