Our View: Snow daze

Oct 282009

Wednesday marked one of the bigger events for Coloradans in the past decade.

It was all over TV news stations — satellites in space started sparking up to withstand the enormous amounts of coverage. Anchors were sent on location, columnists churned the proverbial wheels inside their opining minds. Yes, finally, the Michael Jackson movie has arrived.

Wait, that’s not the big news of the day. And the bottom of our pants are wet.

So anyone who’s not a hermit or immune to feeling cold, wet weather noticed the preposterous amounts of snow sitting outside their front door Wednesday morning, and probably this morning, too. And if you didn’t, you’re probably too dumb to read this.

How we all didn’t see this coming, we can’t explain. It always snows before or on Halloween in Colorado — the state where parents build costumes to fit over parkas.

The Weather Channel knew. They said with 100 percent certainty that we were totally screwed. And the school districts around the Front Range knew, closing their schools early Wednesday morning.

But no, we at CSU stuck it out, digging for our car scrappers and boots — Ugg boots and spandex for the stupid (you know who you are).

And when everyone finally made it to campus for their afternoon classes, they sent them right back home, causing massive traffic jams.

But yes, we realize this Our View really has no merit, no real stance on anything. We get that. But . it’s a snow day and we wanna go sleddin’, so you’ll just have to deal. Go make a snowman or something.

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