Oct 272009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

For all of you students violating the city’s occupancy ordinance, the City Council gave you some good news and some bad news Tuesday night.

First, the bad news: You’d better continue to stay in your holes because nothing has changed. The good news? You can continue to consider yourselves fugitives from the law if it makes you feel like a badass.

The comprehensive review for the ordinance — commonly known as U+2 or 3-Unrelated and limits occupancy in a single house to three unrelated persons — took place at the Fort Collins City Council meeting Tuesday night.

In a move that disregarded the pleas of CSU students and their place in the Fort Collins community, the council voted only to consider adding more extra-occupancy housing to certain zones of the city. Everything else in the law will remain the same.

Time and time again, city occupants have expressed nothing less than prejudice toward students and the City Council has decided to side with them. The council’s decision to ignore a substantial portion of the city’s population is unjust and discriminatory.

But, a substantial part of the blame for the council’s decision is on the heads of CSU students. Of the roughly 25,000 students on campus every semester, fewer than 1,500 decided it was worth the effort to write letters to council members or sign student government’s petition for change. Even fewer took part in Friday night’s boycott.

Nothing in this city will change as long as students are too disorganized and apathetic to make the council or residents listen. Until the student body makes an organized, strong statement that they have a real place in the city, students will continue to be seen as nothing more than a blight.

The City Council’s decision may be wrong, but this one is on you, CSU.

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