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Oct 262009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The concept of a care campaign is a fantastic idea.

It could do so many things to at least bring some joy into the lives of people who are suffering from, say, poverty or a highly publicized untimely death of a loved one.

But some Fort Collins individuals have lumped into the demographic of people who deserve to benefit from such an initiative a family that is going through a tough time only because they asked for it.

Two local women have been advocating that community members drop flowers and condolence cards on the doorstep of the Heene family who duped local and state law enforcement into believing that their 6-year-old son spent almost an entire day floating over Northern Colorado in a disk-shaped balloon solely in the name of retaining a face in the media.

It worked, and it worked very well.

Since that day, the Heene family has been on the front page of newspapers across the state for the debacle, and Richard Heene, the boy’s father, made a complete ass of himself on CNN when Wolf Blitzer asked him if it was a hoax.

They got the publicity they wanted, and the family has been tormented by police agencies and newspaper articles for the failed ruse.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden has told reporters that the Heenes could face criminal charges over the matter.

Rough times indeed, but certainly well deserved.

If any care campaign is implemented, the upstanding citizens of Fort Collins should canvas the city placing flowers and cards on the steps of families that didn’t waste about $30,000 in taxpayer money valuable reporting time, thanking them for not being jackasses.

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