Oct 252009
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Almost 400 fewer students than anticipated attended student government’s Friday night boycott of Old Town that aimed to illustrate the city’s economic dependence on CSU students and promote change to a local occupancy ordinance./

But student government leaders who organized the boycott, “We are $168 million,” said the goal to have students spend money on campus rather than in Old Town for one night, to show student’s economic impact on the community, was executed successfully./

Sullivan said with the City Council’s two-year comprehensive review of the ordinance, commonly known as 3-Unrelated or U+2, happening Tuesday, the boycott represented the Associated Students of CSU’s last big stand. And said she her department’s work will be taken into consideration./

“I think City Council is hearing us loud and clear,” Sullivan said./

The $168 million campaign was based on the economic impact study conducted by CSU President Tony Frank’s office. The study shows that students spend an estimated $168 million annually in the Fort Collins community./

Attendees of Friday’s event were asked to sign ASCSU’s petition to make changes to the ordinance –/that included changing the law from U+2 to U+3 — and to write letters to City Council members lobbying for ordinance reform. ASCSU collected just fewer than 100 letters Friday night. /

The letters were mailed directly to council member’s homes./

Though ASCSU hoped to draw students from Downtown back onto campus, local business owners did not feel the impact./ /

Kyle Bray, assistant manager of Washington’s Sports Bar and Grill, said that the bar’s business was unaffected by ASCSU’s efforts even though the majority of their weekend patrons are students.

“We had almost 600 people through the front door on Friday night,” Bray said./

And Krister Nordby, server and manager of Stonehouse Grille, said students are main contributors to business and regardless of the boycott, it was a normal Friday night. /

“We were hoping for a lot more people, but we figure for every one person who attended, there were about three or four people who didn’t spend money in Old Town that night,” Sullivan said./

Senior Reporter Kirsten Silveira can be reached at news@collegian.com./

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