Oct 212009

OK, people, this is getting ridiculous.

In a move that will do nothing but marginalize it from campus, CSU’s student government sent a resolution to committee that would move its discussions regarding potential new cabinet and senate members behind closed doors Wednesday night.

The discussion is being made in an effort to keep personal information about the candidates –/information that is discussed regularly in the meetings –/on the down low to protect their reputations.

That’s all well and good, except for the fact that these people are being appointed to public higher office and are paid by student fees, a fact that fundamental American values say requires the utmost level of transparency.

This is/a facet of any American government entity that student and university officials have ignored in the past, and seem content, in the future, to ignore.

In the last year alone, the Associated Students of CSU and the CSU System Board of Governors held multiple discussions in private that Colorado transparency laws say must be open to the public. The first regarded an ASCSU deal to spend student money with Fort Collins’ bus system, and the second was the decision to appoint Joe Blake to the position of system chancellor.

The trend of appalling opacity is well established, and something should be done to stop it.

And this latest proposal is predicated simply on the reputations of those running to represent us.

Doesn’t it seem like students should be privy to every piece of information, including those that establish the qualifications of the last line of student voice?

We think it does.

Please, ASCSU. Realize the blatant lack of ethical fortitude in this measure and kill it in committee.

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