Oct 182009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Friday, Boulder’s newspaper, The Daily Camera, reported that “the jolly green giant of college sustainability (CU-Boulder) — is now considering banning student parking on campus.”

The paper reported that 75 percent of students already use alternative transportation such as walking, biking or the bus to get to campus. In an effort to acquire further green accolades — CU-Boulder was ranked the No. 1 green university in the country by Sierra Magazine — the school is thinking about making the other 25 percent do the same.

Due to the staggering problems with this idea, it serves to highlight what happens when loony environmentalist types are allowed to run amok.

Not every CU student has the ability to walk to campus. Although they likely make up only a small proportion of students, some do commute from the outer edges of the city or even from Denver.

In addition to those commuters, students are notoriously lazy. If unable to park on campus, a substantial portion of that 25 percent who do drive will likely end up parking on the streets surrounding campus.

This won’t sit well will residents or those caught up in the daily scramble for spots. Not to mention the money CU’s transportation and parking departments will lose from the abrupt drop in parking permit sales.

Although the idea is a clever ploy to earn CU-Boulder more green points, denying students campus parking on a campus as large and prominent as Boulder is absurd. The Buffs might be the real green university, but they might want to lay off smoking the green until they figure out telling students to park off-campus is more trouble than its worth.

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