Oct 142009
Authors: Ian Mahan

The Scene Aesthetic randomly burst onto the mainstream music scene in 2006 after a year of obscurity as a two-piece, acoustic/indie pop band.

The Seattle band gained popularity largely thanks to Myspace, which provided a venue to release its first successful album, “Building Homes From What We’ve Known,” and a later re-release, “The Scene Aesthetic.”

Two years later, the duo returns with a new EP, “A Type & A Shadow,” which contains six songs that could change the band from an obscure coffee shop act into an MTV overnight sensation.

The opening track, “Grace Looks Back (Where You Need to Be),” immediately introduces listeners to the dual vocal style of singer/guitarist Andrew de Torres and vocalist Eric Bowley.

The song is composed of intricately placed guitar riffs, piano chords and handclaps, which contribute to the appeal of the song. The lyrics throughout the track are angsty but clever: “If you want to believe in me/ Don’t tell me you’re leaving/ Please don’t be leavin’ me.”

The second track, “Humans,” is a classic love song written with the use of one guitar and heart-wrenching lyrics about confessing love for a girl fighting to stay out of love.

The next four tracks on the EP are easily enjoyable, or easily dismissed, but are good songs for background music. “Red Rover” almost directly recycles the band’s previous work. “The Man I Am” is generic but a successful closing for the EP, and it’s easy to see why the band has so much appeal to a younger, emotionally unstable audience.

Though four of the six songs are throw-away tracks, listeners should be anxious for a complete album from the duo, which showcases more than just cliché analogies and more of the sincere cleverness of the opening tracks to the EP.

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