Letter to the editor

Oct 122009
Authors: letter to the editor Robb Shimp Longmont resident

Dear Editor,

Regarding Seth Stern’s column on Friday, there are two main points with regard to licensed concealed carry on campus.

One: Prohibiting licensed individuals will not deter unlicensed individuals. Someone inclined to commit such a crime will not be stopped by a CSU rule against having a gun. Such a rule would merely be pointless a feel-good measure without providing any additional safety beyond what is already provided by the laws currently in place.

Two: CSU doesn’t have the legal authority to create such a regulation. Colorado Revised Statute 18-12-214 clearly states what locations are and may be made off limits, and the CSU campus doesn’t fit any of the exceptions. I strongly urge the students and faculty of CSU to buck the current trend in this country of greater regulation and lessened personal responsibility. We are all responsible for our own safety; the police can’t be everywhere. Whether you choose to carry a gun or not, prohibiting licensed carry on campus will not make you more safe.

Robb Shimp

Longmont resident

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