Oct 082009
Authors: compiled Heidi Reitmeyer

I feel sorry for the people who have never experienced fall Colorado style, because I laugh at them when they say “OMG, what’s happening to the trees?!”

Well CSU, so long to short little skirts, tiny little tops and cute open toe shoes. We will see you next year.

My college expenditures just decreased by $3.75. I no longer have to buy ice for my tailgate beers. I can use snow.

The one good part about snow is that all the freshman are stupid enough to try to ride a bike to class when us experienced students know they are gonna biff it taking that sharp turn to avoid all the smart people walking to class.

Hooray to selling your football ticket on Craigslist in 5 minutes.

Dear God: Thank you for snow. Dear CSU: Gee, thanks for putting me in Durward.

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