Oct 082009
Authors: Frasure Kate

The CSU’s marching band will perform for the Denver Broncos halftime show Sunday at Mile High Stadium — the first time it has played for the team in the band director’s memory.

“It is really neat that the CSU band was thought of first to perform,” said senior flute player Kira Puntenney. “It shows how highly the band is thought of.”

Theresa Shear, the Broncos’ game day entertainment director, invited the band to play last semester, said J. Steven Moore, the band’s director.

The theme for the performance is “’60s throwback” as a reminder of the decade when marching bands played frequently at Mile High. During the halftime show the band will perform the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” and “Twist and Shout” for fans in the stadium.

Moore said the team hopes to bring recognition for CSU during the performance.

“We know there will be a lot of CSU fans in the crowd and we hope to convert the rest,” Moore said in an e-mail message to the Collegian.

Drum major Shawna Thompson said the band has rehearsed the performance three times. The band will introduce the same performance to CSU fans at the Homecoming game this Saturday.

“It feels very good representing CSU –/being able to entertain and do our thing,” Thompson said.

Moore said CSU students can expect the marching band to represent the university with an enthusiastic and high quality performance.

“We are going to blow their socks off,” Puntenney said.

The game is against the New England Patriots.

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