Yays and Nays

Oct 052009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to Colorado pro sports teams coming through in the clutch. The Broncos are 4-0, and it’s time for Rocktober. Finally we have a couple teams that don’t choke. Speaking of which .

nay | to the CSU football team suffering its second loss at the hands of Idaho. C’mon Rams. They play in a glorified gym, similar to our brand-new, student-funded practice facility that is supposed to aid in taking the team to a BCS bowl. Good luck with that when we lose to teams like Idaho.

yay | to the Supreme Court denying any hearing of former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio’s appeal of his insider trading case. I guess it’s just Nacchio day, man.

nay | to CSU possibly seeing another $14 million to $16 million in budget cuts. However, we can at least pride ourselves on our wildly successful athletic teams . wait .

yay | to this week’s Homecoming festivities. Check out the parade, the lighting of the “A,” the bonfire and other activities. But froshies, leave your parents at home.

Nay | To cold weather. We know it has to come eventually, but waking up to freezing toesy woesies is never fun.

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