Oct 052009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Colorado State University is truly faced with an unprecedented and seemingly impossible task: survival.

And the only answer is a new state tax system.

At the same time our nation faces economic calamity, the foundation upon which our democracy was built – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -/is threatened in the face of indifference and ignorance. Without access to intellectual capital, access to higher education, the people of Colorado will truly experience spiritual bankruptcy.

In the context of our modern society, holding with it still the ideals set with its founding fathers’ ambitious goal of liberty, a college education is the golden ticket. To be a player in the highly evolved and educated economy — that’s why students come to CSU.

But that dream is drowned amid horrendous potential cuts like that which CSU President Tony Frank announced last week — about $14 to $16 million. And it’s only going to get worse.

If a new system of collecting revenue for public higher education in the state of Colorado is not achieved, that goal of liberty will become nothing more than a nostalgic miasma of a dying middle class.

There is no longer room for ill-advised anti-tax rhetoric and self-inhibiting caps on revenue growth that suffocate not only higher education, but the entire state economy. Public higher education is a proven system. If we let it die, so goes with it the right to happiness of anyone who is not a Kennedy, or a Monfort.

Don’t let CSU go the way of the dinosaurs. Contact your legislators; tell them to start thinking about your future.

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