Sep 302009
Authors: Ian Mahan

Fort Collins hasn’t seen a band blow up since the departure of hometown heroes Tickle Me Pink, who appealed to the teenage population of the town with ease and exception.

However, the appeal that Tickle Me Pink brought out in Fort Collins youth left the older music lovers in Fort Collins slightly stranded.

Enter Fierce Bad Rabbit, Fort Collins’ very own indie rock pride and joy. The four-piece has made a name for itself by playing the local bar scene, and recently the Aggie Theater.

And with its self-titled debut album, this Rabbit won’t thump-off anytime soon.

The album opens up with “Everything is Alright,” an optimistic tune that could set the scene for a Wes Anderson film opening. The song starts with a catchy keyboard jingle, which is soon accompanied by violist Alana Rolfe (Stella Luce), providing a dimension of orchestration not often seen from rock bands.

“Sink Like A Stone,” perhaps the strongest track on the album, showcases vocalist/guitarist Chris Anderson’s earnest, yet swanky, musical style as he croons over a guitar rift fit for a sleazy motel in all the right ways.

A slow ballad on the album, “Honey” flaunts the musicianship and pure melodic genius shown in Rolfe and Anderson’s chemistry. The violin, which plays throughout the song, has a full and haunting sound, providing the melody of an entire string ensemble. Anderson, occasionally backed by Rolfe’s vocals, throws perfect tone and a begging cry into an emotionally packed song.

Though Fierce Bad Rabbit is musically gifted in more ways than one, “Love Keeps Us Tough” displays Anderson’s lyrical craftsmanship of simple, effective lines, like, “And we’re all alright, in our own way.”

Though not metaphorically thought provoking, the lyrics written by the band are simple and meaningful.

For a band formed in early 2009, Fierce Bad Rabbit deserves the name it has already made for itself. With an eight-song debut as strong as theirs, it begs the question how far down does the Rabbit hole go?

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