Ram Talk

Sep 282009

My roommate is only here for the first semester. Is it bad that I am already trying to decide what to do with her side of the room?

To the religious nuts yelling on the Plaza: thanks for bringing the university closer. Not through what your preaching, but through a common enemy.

What do you say to someone who compliments your bong while running out of your house away from the cops?

Dorm food makes for interesting bathroom noises.

What happened to Monday yays and nays? My only reason to attend class is now gone. Nay to that.

LOST: Good pair of hands. Lost some time between last football season and this football season. If found, please contact Rashaun Greer!

With the change in weather, it’s time to say good-bye to women in short skirts and say hello to women in tight jeans.

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