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Sep 202009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Chalk up another big win for Rams football.

We know we seem to be giving a lot of praise to the team this year, especially in the wake of dismal years past in which we had not a lot to talk about.

But the end of last season and the beginning of this season, our Rammies have achieved several exciting feats including having the first head coach to win more than half his games in his first season at CSU, pulling out a bowl win and sticking it to CU-Boulder on their own turf … just to name a few.

However, Saturday yielded another triumph for the green and gold unseen in 15 years: the first 3-0 start since the Lubick-heyday of the mid-90s.

In Sonny Lubick’s second year as CSU head coach in 1994, the Rams went 3-0 to start the season. They finished 10-2, went to the Holiday Bowl and were ranked 15th by the end of the year.

Back then, Lubick resurrected the CSU football program, and more than likely the entire athletic department, from the proverbial “grave.”

Now, current head coach Steve Fairchild is trying to do it again.

Finishing with a double-digit win column and heading to an actual bowl game (sorry New Mexico Bowl committee) are lofty goals for this year’s team, but CSU was in the same boat in ’94.

However, the Rams have garnered one thing for certain this season: Respect — from the student body, the alumni and the college football polls.

Not bad for a team whose preseason prediction, according to many media outlets, had them finishing with a sub-.500 record.

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