Sep 172009
Authors: Compiled Heidi Reitmeier

To the guy who came into class screaming, “I’m fashionably late:” You are my hero.

To the bike cop who was giving me a dirty look as I rode through the Plaza:

It’s 5:35 p.m. baby. Take it.

Why is it that CSU decides to have the presidential address and close down the dining halls on the same day as both my chemistry and calc tests? For a school that recommends

breakfast so much, you sure are screwing me over.

Dear Stickly from KCSU: Can I have your children?

To the intoxicated girl who removed her shirt and bra while walking through the hall outside my dorm room: I thank you. I needed a distraction from my math homework.

To the lady in my moral and social problems class with the penis earrings: W.T.F.?

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