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Sep 102009

This past Sunday in Boulder was a night to remember. The scoreboard illuminated the score of 17 home, 23 visitors — a score that, in this venerable 116-year-old rivalry, will go in the history annals.

The fact that the CSU Rams had not defeated CU-Boulder at Folsom Field since 1986 is another point of pride for CSU.

What occurred, much after the cascade of green and gold onto the black and gold field, was an incredible display of sportsmanship by the CSU marching band that quietly took place in the northwest corner of Folsom Field, under the glow of the scoreboard lights.

After the game ended and victory celebrations ensued, CSU President Tony Frank, CSU Board of Governors board member Doug Jones and I made an exuberant dash to the locker room for the trophy presentation. The post-game locker room was bursting with energy and resounding with the CSU Fight Song.

As we left the locker room, we came upon our CSU marching band, still in the stands, playing delirious songs of victory. President Frank, in his cool, collective and self-effacing manner, stopped to praise the band for its performance.

After a series of extended cheers, the band resumed playing, as it hadn’t stopped playing since the end of the fourth quarter. However, in a spontaneous moment of generous spirit they stopped, again, this time to applaud their counterparts, the CU-Boulder marching band as it exited the field below.

This remarkable gesture of sportsmanship by the CSU students struck us as a very special moment – one for the ages.

The post-game response by the CSU band puts an exclamation point at the end of sportsmanship!

Now how does that cheer go? “I’m proud to be a CSU Ram,” indeed!

Joe Blake

CSU System, Chancellor

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