Sep 092009
Authors: Ian Mahan

For some bands, writing a one hit wonder takes only a moment of time. However, writing two hits nearly two years apart from each other is a struggle only Westminster band Single File could overcome.

In 2007, the Metro Area band released their “No More Sad Face” EP with the radio chart topping single “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” — a captivating song about fighting for your life when your neighbors rise from the dead, including your ex-girlfriend.

Fast-forward two years to Single File’s release of “Common Struggles,” the first full-length album from Sire Records. The album delivers 11 under-produced pop gems that are good for party background music.

But it’s a wonder if this is as good as it’s going to get for the pop-emo trio.

“Common Struggles” doesn’t deal with a lot of substance in any of the lyrics throughout the album, leading to believe that girls, bad relationships and zombies are all vocalist Sloan Anderson thinks about.

The only mentionable track from the album is the first single offered, “Girlfriends,” which starts off with a catchy whistle tune reminiscent of “The Andy Griffith Show.” The song describes being dumped by multiple women, best friends selling you out and celebrating the fact that the singer in question is nothing more than a “. burn out, baby.”

Melodically the song follows through like most of the other tracks on the album with shallow, subtle rhythm changes and a melody that is sure to bother you if listened to enough.

Though “Common Struggles” doesn’t offer much substance, it offers plenty of angst and melodramatic pop rock that might be a perfect fit for your little sister’s record collection.

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