Sep 092009
Authors: Glen Pfeiffer, Ryan Gibbons

We have a new favorite professor on campus — OK maybe not “No. 1 fave,” but at least he is now on our short list. Why? On a campus where most professors need student assistance to hook their computer up to a projector, this professor went on a short tangent in class to clarify that there is, in fact, a difference between a wizard and a warlock.

Seriously. It wasn’t even class-related. Someone in a documentary we watched made the mistake of not knowing the difference, and as soon as it was over he went straight for the kill, just as we nerds usually do (most of the time tactlessly).

Clearly, there is plenty of geek “cred” to go around on campus. But where does one go to be with like-minded people?

There are endless numbers of registered student clubs on campus, many of which cater to “our” side of the “social spectrum,” if you will. One that we would definitely like to check out, but haven’t had the time, is the MST3K Club, where students get together in the Lory Student Center and watch episodes of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. We feel like our quality of life will improve if we were to attend. We should probably get on that.

Last spring there was a showing of the indie documentary “Nerd Core for Life” in the Student Center, a film about the underground culture of geeks who rap about things like comic books, video games and technology. It was followed by a performance by nerd-core rapper YTCracker (pronounced whitey cracker) who is one righteous nerd if we do say ourselves; he got in some trouble in 1999 for hacking government Web sites, including NASA, at 16 years old.

CSU is also following the crowd (literally) by being the site of several flash mobs. Last year the library was filled with people (we’re talking shoulder to shoulder). The year before, the Plaza was filled with “monkeys.” If you spend some time looking, you’ll find the inside source on how to join in on this fun. It feels good to go completely crazy for a few minutes once in awhile. Just don’t hurt anyone, or their fish.

Every spring CSU hosts Rams With Cams, a student film competition and festival for video geeks. Teams of three to five people compete to create a short video within a one week period, and then in friendly fashion, gather to watch the best ones on the big screen.

And then there are awesome tech-related classes! We always felt there was a void at CSU for those of us geeky enough to read/write this column, but whose main interests don’t allow us to major in computer science (our concentrations are in video communications and anatomy). CSU solved this problem. You can now add an interdisciplinary study program (essentially a minor) in information science and technology and take 21 credits from various departments: Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Journalism and Technical Communication. That should help get that proficiency for technology most of you readers already have onto your resume.

If you’re too busy to take full classes, CSU also plays host to numerous half-day lectures and presentations from many of today’s top technology companies. Last semester we sat in on a lecture by one of Microsoft’s top analysts, and on Sept.18 we’ll be joining one of Apple’s engineers in an iPhone App development class. Both are/were free, and if anyone is interested, there should still be free space in the latter class by the time this goes to print.

At this point you might be thinking to yourself that you’re simply not geeky enough to try any of these things, that you wouldn’t fit in. This is not true. We geeks welcome new brethren and are always willing to guide someone to their inner geek. All you need is curiosity about technology. We’d strongly suggest trying at least one of these activities. Any of them would beat the heck out of doing homework or spending a night on Facebook.

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