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Authors: K.C. Fleming

Skinny dipping is a prime example of one of the more racy outdoor activities in Northern Colorado, but it’s perfectly acceptable to Rodney Ley.

Gem Lake, however, is not a lake a person should jump into naked, the assistant director for Campus Recreation said.

Ley, who gave an informational session to the CSU community about hiking opportunities in the area Wednesday night, is a 20-year employee for the university who aims to spark interest in the outdoors of the surrounding area.

“This is really our mission; to bring the outdoors to the CSU community,” Ley said.

During the meeting Ley went over which trails within an hour drive from campus were best to go to. He talked about places where people could hike, bike, camp and take their dogs, as well as the cost of admission, scenic opportunities and trail difficulty.

Trails he talked about included:

/ Arthur’s Rock, a moderate trail in Lory State Park

/ The ever-popular Horsetooth Rock west of Fort Collins, and

/ Twin Sister’s Peak, an moderate hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

“I think it’s fantastic,” said Reed Miller, a freshmen business administration major. “We are too dependent on technology, and I think people should get out more.”

The meeting also offered newcomers to Fort Collins the opportunity to feel more in tune with the area.

“I’m from Oregon, and I just wanted to see what outdoor things there are to do in Colorado,” said Sarah West, a freshmen natural resources and recreational tourism major.

J.T. Metcalf, a senior staff member at the OAP, also gave some basic safety information during the session such as to always have a first aid kit and plenty of food.

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