Cuba’s got mail

Sep 012009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Obama administration is considering another step in the process of thawing relations with Cuba. Already having loosened travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba for Cuban-Americans, and considered admitting Cuba into the Organization of American States, the administration announced yesterday that it is planning the creation of regular mail service between Cuba and the U.S.

We commend the Obama administration for opening the door to friendlier ties with the country. Whatever moral legitimacy our embargo against Cuba had was lost after the fall of Soviet Russia. Cuba is obviously not even a slight threat to the U.S. nowadays, unless you believe that starving people fleeing Cuba on rickety rafts pose a hazard to our existence.

We, as Americans and simply as fellow humans, should be outraged at the utter failure of our inhumane Cuban policy.

Not only has the long-running embargo on trade between Cuba and the U.S. failed to topple the Cuban government, it has, in fact, provided almost no benefit whatsoever.

While the Cuban government continues to live lavishly, ordinary Cubans starve as they are unable to buy affordable American crops. Lifting the embargo will save Cuban lives while benefiting downtrodden American farmers.

When the embargo with Cuba was established, American politicians hoped it would cause the speedy demise of the communist Cuban government. More than four decades later, we’re still waiting.

Instead of causing the collapse of the Castros, our embargo has actually aided them by giving them the ultimate excuse for the failures of their government. “It’s the embargo’s fault,” they can always claim.

Some people disagree with Obama’s conciliatory policies, arguing we need to keep relations with Cuba frozen because the Castros are evil communists. We ask those people, are you ready to quit buying anything made in communist China? We thought not.

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