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Due to an increase in bicycle traffic on campus,/the recently formed CSU Campus Bicycle Advisory Committee is/planning to gear/the university/in a bicycle-friendly fashion.

The committee, which to-date has held several meetings but will not be instated as an official committee until sometime this fall, connects CSU departments and the City of Fort Collins in an effort to develop ideas to improve bicycling on campus, said Dave Kemp, the Fort Collins bicycle coordinator.

“The overall goal of this committee is to create better bicycling conditions on campus,” Kemp said. The committee aims to increase the number of bicycle routes, awareness of multimodal transportation, bicycle education, parking and signage.

With more than 15,000 bikes registered with the CSU Police Department, Cpl. Scott Anthony said, educating the campus on safe biking is crucial.

“First and foremost the absolute goal and the biggest focus is that we truly want students educated on bike laws in Colorado,” Anthony said. “With more and more bike usage on campus, we have to work more diligently to get information out to students, faculty and staff.”

Many students do not know that cyclists on the roadway are considered vehicles and that all traffic laws pertain to them, Anthony said.

However, educating people on proper bicycling is not a one-way road. Both Kemp and Anthony said that motorists need to be educated.

“We hope to improve safety and show motorists that we have a right to the road and obey the laws. We’re trying to push mutual respect, patience and courtesy,” Kemp said.

Sarah Marcus, a sophomore French major, agreed.

“There have been numerous times when I’m out on my bike and almost get sideswiped by a car,” Marcus said. “Motorists need to learn that we have the same rights on the road.”

Last year, the League of American Bicyclists named Fort Collins among the nation’s most bicyclefriendly communities. The city earned a Gold Level designation, distinguishing efforts to encourage cycling and persistently developing methods of cycling convenience and safety.

Students who are interested in getting involved with the committee are welcome to join the student advocacy group. For more information contact Julianna Aseltine at

For more information on bike education and safety, contact Cpl. Scott Anthony at

Staff writer Justyna Tomtas can be reached at

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