Aug 242009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

We’ve all seen the flyers, heard the stories and some of us have even been cited. We’re talking about the freedom-quashing, neo-fascist city code bolstered by the student-hating codgers of affluent Fort Collins — the 3-Unrelated law, or “U+2” if reading’s not your bag.

It’s the reason your rent is so high, and it’s the reason property owners are forced to wittingly turn a blind eye, rendering them culpable in a diabolical conspiracy to fill all available rooms.

It’s been defended as a well-intentioned effort to keep the city looking nice, to limit parking congestion and keep the noise down. But that’s the spun icing set atop the stinky heap of bovine excrement city hall is set to review tonight.

It all boils down to exploitation — a way to rip off the 25,000 students at CSU.

If it were really so innocent, the city would implement strategic zoning plans to accommodate residential areas with families whose lifestyles don’t jive with late night public urination.

Instead, they continue to bleed students on the front end with increased rent and limited rental options, while some home owners with vacant five-bedroom houses are forced to lower rent or break the law.

Then they screw students on the back end with a fine and skyrocketing rent when a fourth roommate has to hit the road.

Considering the fact that CSU is the single largest economic driver for the heralded “Choice City,” it’s not unreasonable to hope City Council might not want to disenfranchise its stakeholders. But maybe living life in a state of perpetual self colonoscopy drowns out the noise.

City Council, don’t bite the hand that feeds. Ditch U+2.

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