Jun 232009
Authors: Elyse Jarvis

A contender for the presidency at the University of Idaho this past spring, former CSU President Larry Penley took a consulting position at the Hayes Group International in March, a month before it was announced he had been beaten out in Idaho.

Two employees for the Hayes Group, a business consulting firm, confirmed that Penley had been conducting “adjunct-type work” for the North Carolina-based firm since March and was listed on payroll as an affiliate for the months of April and May.

According to the group’s Web site, Penley is a managing partner, serving clients from Phoenix, Ariz. Penley’s wife, Yolanda Sanchez Penley, is a senior organizational consultant with the same establishment. The site notes that Yolanda has been a guest lecturer for the group since the couple moved to Fort Collins.

Penley maintained the positions of CSU president and chancellor from 2004 until his abrupt resignation last Nov. 5. He was one of two top contenders for Idaho’s $335,000-a-year position until April 25, when the school announced former Kansas State University Provost Duane Nellis would take up its helm.

The Hayes Group helps organizations “analyze and diagnose their organizational and individual development needs,” according to its site, and Penley conducts workshops to aid entrepreneurs in assessing their leadership competencies.

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