Jun 162009
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The Collegian is back. We took a short, and albeit much needed break from the strains of printing five days a week. But starting today, we are resuming printing a weekly edition every Wednesday for the next eight weeks.

Whether you are taking summer classes, are in town for Freshmen Preview or just passing through for one of the many conferences, the Collegian is something that you can all look forward to.

We are here this summer to provide you with the stories that are the most compelling to you. CSU club baseball’s win at the World Series, the latest news with tuition increases and Fourth of July debauchery are just a few of the things you can expect to read about this summer, and we are turning to you to help us out with the rest.

We need you guys and gals to let us know what interests you, whether it’s about that crazy professor in your Western Mythology class or how your friend hit a skateboarder while driving in his car the other day, tell us what strikes you as newsworthy.

Not only do we want to hear from you on your suggestions, but we also want to get your feedback. Let us know what you thought about a particular story or a cartoon on the comics page. We value your input and your feedback, and we’re here to serve you, the reader.

You can contact the Editor-in-chief Virginia Singarayar at editor@collegian.com or call the newsroom phone line at 970-491-1688.

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