May 102009
Authors: Kevin Hollinshead

With the unofficial start of summer vacation after that last final, the slate is clean, and it’s time to look ahead.

The lazy days of summer may include a hookup with an ex-girlfriend back home, worries about fall schedules, the hassle of finding a job, especially in this bone-dry market, a potentially life-changing internship or goal setting, tangible or otherwise. On that note, here’s what I’m hoping for over the summer:

I hope that I have a part-time job by the time this column is a week old. If I still don’t have one by the time the next Collegian rolls out (mid-June, mark your calendars), I may need to get in on my 7-year-old neighbor’s lemonade stand.

I hope I have the money needed to fix all of the following: my laptop’s keyboard, my car’s windshield, my car’s front passenger-side blinker, my car’s Anti-Lock Braking System, my car’s busted door handle; pretty much everything except the engine.

I hope that I have enough left over to buy an electric guitar and lessons. Important stuff. Rent money would be nice too.

I hope that Tool decides to drop out of the Mile High Music Festival and play a separate show at Red Rocks. They stick out like a sore thumb alongside the Fray and Widespread Panic, and I’m not paying $90 to see one band.

I hope that someone will buy the textbooks that the Bookstore won’t let me sell back to them. To Amazon: prepare for a ton of listings.

I hope that “Terminator: Salvation,” “Year One,” “Bruno” and the new Harry Potter turn out as awesome as “Star Trek” was. While it wasn’t perfect, my man-crush on J.J. Abrams has intensified.

I hope that “Funny People” sucks and bombs at the box office so America’s obsession with Adam Sandler finally comes to a merciful end, even if it’s about 10 years too late.

I hope I avoid thinking about my fall schedule until, you know, fall. Two 300-level classes and two 400-level classes. That noise you hear: me whimpering a little.

I hope that Obama and the Democrat-controlled congress stops chickening out over healthcare reform, and instead start the process of implementing a single-payer system. It’d also be nice if future committee hearings on healthcare reform actually invite advocates for a single-payer system.

I hope that swine flu goes the way of the bird flu or SARS, and not the way of the Spanish Flu of 1918. While the latter first broke out that spring, it didn’t go into mass-killing mode until the fall. Hopefully we have enough Tamiflu.

I hope the economy starts improving, as the layoff stories are getting unbearably depressing.

I hope someone lays Kobe Bryant and his smirking face out before the end of the NBA playoffs. And a Nuggets championship would be nice too.

I hope Rush Limbaugh shuts his fat mouth. He brags about his $400 million contract while mocking the idea that we’re in a recession. That, and he’s a racist, sexist, xenophobic, drug-addicted, malicious scumbag.

I hope that the members of the Fort Collins City Council reconsider their ruling on the enforcement of U+2. The council just approved a measure that flips the bird to our whole student body, a major driving force behind the vitality of this great town.

I hope tuition stops going up at a ridiculous rate. How are we supposed to educate our workforce if no one can pay for it?

I hope the campus parking situation miraculously improves over the summer. If I left campus during the day this past year, I had to park in the Ingersoll lot coming back. I lived in Braiden. Yeah, that’s not terribly reasonable.

I hope you all have a great summer. Keep reading; it’s good for you.

Kevin Hollinshead is a sophomore political science major. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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