May 102009
Authors: Lauren Leete

Those who are wishing for a $3 discount on a campus parking ticket are in luck.

CSU Parking Services is offering an amnesty to all students with citations through May 22 in exchange for non-perishable foods as a part of its bi-annual Food for Fines program — and students and professors alike agreed this was a good deal.

Professor of the World Interdependent Food and Population course, Gregory Graff, thought the FFF program “serves two different community goals nicely.”

“One being, encouraging minor violators to recompense by helping them recognize their responsibility to the community,” he said, “And the other being, facilitating a creative incentive to make up for the decreasing donations due to the economic crisis.”

Students who grab a can of chicken noodle soup from the pantry and walk on down to 201 Green Hall can receive $3 off a fine or reduce an elevated one to the original amount on the day the fine is paid.

Got multiple citations? Bring the green beans and corn too.

However, Food for Fines limits individuals to one donation per citation. All donations received are then given to the Larimer County Food Bank.

This program idea, formerly called “Amnesty”, started in 1998 with Kay Rios, the previous director of Parking Services.

“Since 1998, (we have) donated over 11,000 pounds of food to the Larimer County Food Bank through Food for Fines . (averaging) about 900 pounds donated per semester,” said Andy Bailey of the Parking Services Division.

Chuck Gill, Assistant Director for the food bank said of those numbers, “It’s been great.”

This initiative wouldn’t be possible without student participation though.

Jessica Mitchell, a freshman biological sciences major, said “(Food for Fines) is a good idea because it’s for a good cause.”

Other students echoed her sentiments.

“It’s pretty obvious how it is good for the people who need the food, and also for the students,” said Mark Woolston, a senior engineering major. He added, saying, “One thing that may be beneficial to the university is that (the amnesty) may reduce (slightly) students’ ill feelings towards Parking Services in general.”

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