May 042009

Imagine getting a call from your landlord one day. He or she informs you that within a week, some of your roommates, maybe you, need to find a new place to live, and on top of that, you owe the city $1,000 each.

City Council is debating tonight whether they want to make that hellish nightmare a reality for those living with more than three unrelated people — an act which is in violation of the Three Unrelated, or U+2, ordinance.

As it stands, a property’s landlord and tenants must be notified that they are in violation of the ordinance and are given a “reasonable amount of time” (seven days) to correct it before they are given a citation and issued the whopping $1,000-per-person fine.

Possibly seeking a way to bring in more revenue in these hard economic times, City Council is looking to eliminate that requirement in favor of issuing tickets and a notice of violation in the same fell swoop.

Many students and landlords disagree with the ordinance all together. We’re on their side.

This new twist comes months before a City Council work session is scheduled to review the ordinance entirely.

The council needs to look at the larger issue of maintaining an ordinance that puts a heavy, disproportionate burden on students looking to find cheap housing.

With tuition costs rising at an estimated 9 percent next year, it’ll be hard enough for us to pay for classes.

Get to the City Council meeting tonight and urge members to hold off on any changes to the ordinance or its enforcement until the community, which includes students, gets a chance to examine it from a larger perspective.

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