Apr 292009
Authors: Ian Mahan

Few bands in the local music scene ever make a splash./But that’s not the case for Denver-based band Regret Night, who are performing cannonballs and blowing most bands out of the water with their fresh sound of honest, synthesizer-induced pop/rock./

The five-piece band from the Greater Metro Area shows that Colorado has more than just a knack for producing piano-based rock bands — it can produce bands with the guts to try a sound that many view as a carbon-copy. But in all reality, Regret Night emanates a sound of its own.

Vocalist/bassist Nick Sanders sirens a cross between a classic rock singer and a modern day pop star that would make most singers this side of the century eat their hearts out.

Guitarists Tasos Hernandez and Matt Sanders bring all the appeal of a modern-day pop band with more sophisticated and unique application in the instrumental department./

Bands learn very early in their career that without a solid drummer they don’t get very far. Fortunately, Nick Kemberling gives the band a solid backbone.//Kemberling provides all the necessary basic beats for the band with fills straight from the Travis Barker songbook.

Synth player Dennis Hernandez, whose creativity is showcased throughout their latest EP, proves that he doesn’t get lucky just playing the right notes; he has the talent on the keys in order to truly play.

The four song EP beckons label reps for recognition./

“She Said,” perhaps the most appealing song on the EP, shows why Regret Night has earned the sizeable following they have with guitar riffs that accentuate Sanders’ voice and a piano fill that stays in the ears like a Top 40 catch./

“I’m Alright,” the slowest song on the EP, doesn’t lose any momentum, as it is filled with perfect harmonies and swelling emotion, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the song and literally live what the band is trying to portray./

Playing a Hot Topic tour, Regret Night inches its way to prominence. But it’s only a matter of time before a map will be the only accurate way to measure where this band is going.

Staff writer Ian Mahan can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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