Ram Talk

Apr 292009

To the cute girl who gave me her old pink razor phone. Thank you, but did you mean to leave a video of you pleasuring yourself on it?

Dear Collegian: How can a horoscope that begins with “You have to” possibly be a five star day?

To the person who stole my camera at the sports party on friday night, the least you could do is have enough courtesy to put the pictures on Facebook…

To the guy hanging out of a truck mooning everyone on campus yesterday, were those things grapes or your balls?

I got an e-mails from CSU saying to stay home if I’m sick; however, my professors say attendence is mandatory … Who should I listen to? What if I really have the swine flu?

To the library’s power: I’m not quitting at 10 and neither should you.

Anyone else find it ironic that while the “Stomp, Romp, and Wag” was promoting rights for one animal, they were cooking others?

I think that work would be more fun if every hour your boss would come around and hand you your hourly wage in cash.

Americans should be safe from swine flu because nothing gets through the Mexico/America border. Right?

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