Apr 292009

In these trying times, when it seems the whole world is crumbling around us (swine flu, economic meltdown, North Korean missiles, Taliban invading Pakistan, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.), Americans should be hearing from their president on a regular basis.

Some disagree.

The Fox TV station chose not to grant Obama’s request for a primetime slot to air his Wednesday press conference. The network has said it stands to lose a substantial amount of money by doing so and opted to instead run “Lie to Me,” a drama about a human lie detector.

Now, we’re not arguing that just because it’s Barack Obama every television station should drop it’s programming and carry the conference.

It’s just sad to be living in a time when Fox actually has a reason to shun the President of the United States and instead allow its viewers to gobble up the latest Hollywood excretion.

Oh, and for dessert, Americans can feed their insatiable desires for “reality” by judging the vocal talents of the poor “American Idol” contestants who so willingly throw themselves to the TV wolves — concerns that Obama’s speech would run into American Idol’s time slot played into Fox’s decision to skip airing the former.

Instead of living in a fantasy realm full of singing idols and lie-detecting humans, pay attention to the world around you. Inform yourself and contribute something worthwhile to your community.

The world is increasingly becoming smaller due to advances in technology. At the same time, people are increasingly withdrawing into their iPhones, televisions and computers.

Wake up. Your participation is not just requested — it’s required.

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