Apr 282009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

You know you have a problem with rejection when you won’t write into RamTalk because you are too afraid of your rant being rejected.

Global warming doesn’t exist. Everyone is just wearing a sweater and they don’t realize it.

Good job, Obama Administration, for sending a low-flying 747 through New York City for a photo op. Brilliant.

To the boy and girl in the white car taking shots in the library parking lot last night: Good way to get the creative juices flowing.

Bravo Bezek, correlating swine flu to illegal immigration – another kick in the balls to the conservative Republican outlook – but please stop. You make us all look dumb.

To my Rolling Stone’s-loving professor: Not taking the “beast of burden” final quiz will give me great “satisfaction.” This would make me “jumpin’-jack flash.”

You know your school is in trouble when they won’t even let 3-year-old kids sell lemonade in the plaza.

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