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Apr 282009

To the editor,

I am writing in response to “Swine Flu highlights perils of illegal immigration into the U.S.” This article was nonsensical and outrageous.

Swine flu infected our borders because of the perils of globalization and not illegal immigration. You cannot logically connect the two events. It is like trying to blame the spilt milk on your neighbor who was nowhere near it.

Most of the cases are not found in California and Texas but in New York, as even the Collegian printed. The number of cases in the U.S. as of Monday was only 50. When you compare that to the population of the country, it is insignificant.

In addition, if someone crossing the border were infected with swine flu, would they really be able to cross the border? Not if it is as debilitating as the experts say it is.

A pandemic is a scary thing to consider but the world feared a pandemic when it came to the bird flu and SARS. Both of these “pandemics” passed without any serious damage in the U.S. To me it seems like people are making a big deal out of nothing, and that the article is connecting one overdone idea to something completely off topic.

Illegal immigration is an issue in the United States today, but it is not at issue here.

Molly Jones


Nutrition and Food Science

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