Yays and Nays

Apr 262009

Yay | to Gartrell Johnson being drafted earlier than expected into the NFL, going in the fourth round to San Diego. Too bad he couldn’t have been drafted to a team that doesn’t suck. Go Broncos!

Nay | to the spread of the swine flu into states bordering Colorado. CSU should develop its own strain of Rams flu and spread it on the CU-Boulder campus.

Yay | to Pakistan finally dealing with the Taliban. Maybe the state can take in that cute little girl from Slumdog Millionaire, too.

Nay | to the University Legal Council advising student organizations to partake in illegal actions. Sure, it’s fine for them to advise illegalities, but just one biker tries to outrun CSUPD Bike Patrol and six cruisers show up on the Plaza.

Yay | to the American Civil Liberties Union fighting for all the nude streakers in the world. Running across the field at a busy football game with a Richard Nixon mask on is not only freedom of expression, but it’s also funny to watch cops pull a naked, sweaty person off a fence.

Nay | to the Kent State law enforcement for breaking up student riots in the streets. You may have used legitimate crowd control devices this time, but your itchy trigger fingers make us nervous.

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