Ram Talk

Apr 222009

If you ever get crabs, what you gotta do is shave one side of your pubes and light the other side on fire. Then, when they run across to the side that’s not burning, you stab them with an ice pick.

I am so bummed that I wasted my 5 star day sleeping until 3 in the afternoon. Drat.

-To the eight people smoking pot in the Oval: That would be acceptable on any OTHER day then 4/20.

-I think CSU should cut a deal with the engineers. For every year we attend, we get one free. That way by the time we graduate we will have paid just as much as every other student.

-Subway Customers: Usually if the gates are up and people are behind the counter at Subway, it means they are OPEN.

-My winter depression is gone. My spring sex drive is on. Some of you boys I could … until dawn.

-To CSU Parking Enforcement: Maybe you should take some PACE classes, because you can’t even count the number of doors on my car correctly.

-You just gave me an idea: Let’s have a holiday where we smoke pot AND shoot off fireworks. Call it 4/20 of Juhigh.

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