Apr 202009

To the Collegian ed board: nay to you for forgetting about playoff hockey. There is more to life than basketball.

4/20: The restaurants’ economic stimulus package

If I knew that I had to buy a different calculator for every class I have to take, I would not have chosen business as my major.

Showing support for candidates who didn’t win will always be less pathetic than continuing to blame Bush or insist on a re-count.

Can’t we just get rid of the “Interim President” title for Dr. Frank and hire the guy already?

Dear CSU: How dare you turn off the vending machines on 4/20.

Once again, dudes wearing capris: That fashion trend has been “out” since … well, it was never “in.”

To the people who were passing out little flyers on the plaza on Monday that said “Need to pay back loans? Worried about how to plan for your financial future? Not a business savvy student? Only $5 at the door:” Maybe you should re-evaluate your fliers — notice the irony yet?

You know it’s 4/20 when there are actually plenty of parking spots available on campus.

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