Apr 192009
Authors: Compiled Nina Beitz

I like to write my papers based off the Mini Skirt Theory: long enough to cover the subject, short enough to keep it interesting.

What would it take to get a Chic-Fil-A in the student center? We could all benefit from this.

Continuing to rock a McCain-Palin bumper sticker is like buying a discounted Cutler or Iverson jersey: pathetic and distasteful.

Does anyone else think it’s awesome that the Collegian’s front page had a picture of a cop holding a sign that said “Please place tea bags here!”?

To the girl in my comp class who can’t seem to figure out how a belt works: You’re more than welcome to take mine off.

To the sad, balding guy who called me superficial: Which of the two sexes is generally more shallow?

You know you’re a college student when the only salt you have to cook with is margarita salt.

To the train: We get the point that you are coming through town already. Enough with the whistle.

Meeting today in the oval at 4:20.

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