Apr 192009
Authors: Alex Stephens

Matt Burtis, senior, computer science

If students’ eyes look a little more glazed over today than other Mondays, do not be alarmed — they’re just celebrating a national holiday.

April 20, the unofficial celebration of all things involving marijuana is here, and the Collegian set out to discover how the student body feels about the illicit celebrations. Matt Burtis, a senior computer science major, and Sam Pappas, a junior interior design major were kinds enough to give us a few moments and deliver their take on all the smoking shenanigans.

Q: What do you think about the 4/20 anniversary?

A: It doesn’t mean what it should. Hippies stand around and smoke pot in Boulder when really they should be finding a more productive way of getting their message across. /Businesses-like head shops and Cheba Hut cash in on it — it’s hilarious.


Q: How should law enforcement handle 4/20 events?


A: Everywhere you go on 4/20 people are going to be high. How can the cops enforce that, round up everyone they think is high and take their picture? They should just stick to the real criminals; students smoking a joint doesn’t hurt anyone.


Q: Where do you stand on the legalization of marijuana?

A: It should completely be legalized. The stigma behind marijuana is completely false, I mean, no one has ever died from a pot overdose, but students regularly drink themselves to death and alcohol is legal. What’s wrong with our society? It doesn’t make any sense.


Q: Will you be celebrating 4/20?


A: Kids can get high any time they want, so what makes 4/20 so special? Just lots of people doing it at once? Weak.

If I really wanted to get it legalized, then I’d write the lawmakers down in Denver instead of sitting around getting high. That doesn’t mean anything or accomplish jack s**t.

Sam pappas junior, interior design

Q: What do you think about the 4/20 anniversary?

A: I think people need to grow up and find something more productive to do with their time.

Weed was great in high school, it was even fun during my freshman year in college, but now that I’ve grown up and have serious matters to attend to. I think it’s a joke that people spend so much time and money on weed.

Q: How should law enforcement be handling 4/20 events?

A: Let them smoke themselves to retardation.

People are going to be smoking en masse and there is really nothing the cops can do except issue petty misdemeanors, so for one day out of the year, let people rejoice Hitler’s birthday by smoking themselves stupid.

Q: Should we legalize weed?

A: Do it. We could use the extra revenue, especially now that our government is throwing money around like it’s useless — well, it practically is. If you look at certain parts of California, such as the golden triangle and Mendecino County, the entire area is run and financed through pot production.

Sure there is a rise in crime, but the substance is used so heavily that it would create a whole new booming industry that it would only benefit the U.S. in the long run.

Q: Will you be celebrating 4/20?

A: I have stuff to do, so no.

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